Credit build up and requesting extra daycare

Solidoe offers parents, as a service, the possibility to receive credit points if you report absence for the (extra) childcare for your child. These points you can use for extra childcare at another time. You can find out how this works below.

How to build up credit

  • If you report absence of your child’s booking at least 4 days in advance via the parent portal/parent app (Ouderportaal/OuderApp Konnect), you can build up credit. Example: you want to report absence for January 20th, you have to report absence the booking by 16 January at the latest (before midnight), then you will accrue credit. No credit points build-up applies up if you unbook after this 4-day deadline, even if your child is ill.
  • If you know at an earlier date that you will not be needing a specific childcare day, it would be helpful if you report absence at that earlier date. This is possible up to 3 months in advance. It allows you to build up credit and gives other parents the opportunity to apply for extra childcare.
  • When you report absence for your child’s placement, your right to this place lapses. We can then offer this place to another child. If you end up needing care on that date, you can apply via the parent app for extra childcare (and use the credit points you have accrued for this day).
  • Credit is built up in points and applies per care product. No credit build-up applies if your child arrives here later or leaves at an earlier time.
  • The following credit values apply: 4 points for a whole day, 2 points for part of a day and 1 point for Preschool Childcare (VSO) or lunch.
  • Solidoe is closed on national holidays and on the Friday after Ascension Day. If your childcare day falls on one of these days, credit is automatically accrued. You will receive this credit in the weekend in advance of the public holiday in question.

Validity of credit

  • Your accrued credit will be listed on your parent portal and parent app. The credit is valid for 365 days from the date that you’ve reported absence for.
  • Credit is child-specific and applies to a specific type of childcare. Transfer of credit to other children is not possible. If your child is transferred to another type of care, the previously accrued points will be cancelled. However, if your child transfers to one of our other childcare centers, the accumulated credit will remain valid.
  • Accrued credit lapses once the last contract date has expired. If you used up credit points after your contract ended, you will receive an invoice for this day.
  • Unused credit points expires after 365 days. This credit is not exchangeable for money.

Using credit for extra childcare

  • As of 16 May 2022, all applications for extra childcare must be made via the parent portal/parent app (Ouderportaal/OuderApp Konnect). On the app you can enter your accrued credit points to apply for extra childcare.
  • All such requests are assessed on the basis of availability. We are legally obliged to abide by the child to staff ratio.
  • You can check the status of your application in your parent app under Agenda – Kalender – Aanvragenoverzicht (requests). You also receive notifications about the status from the app.
  • You can apply for extra childcare via the parent app from 1 month up to 3 days in advance. If you need to arrange childcare at the last minute (within 3 days), please contact the childcare centre directly.
  • The credit required for extra childcare is: 4 points for a whole day, 2 points for part of a day and 1 point for Preschool Childcare (VSO) or lunch.
  • If you have accrued sufficient exchange credit, you may use this with your request. If you wish to use more than the accrued credit allows, you will automatically receive an invoice for the extra childcare period(s) as a whole. It is not possible to use credit in part and receive an invoice for the remaining hours.
  • If you have not (yet) accrued any credit, you will receive an invoice for the extra childcare that you have booked.
  • Once a request for extra childcare has been approved, it can no longer be cancelled. It is possible to report your child absence for this day.
  • If your request has not yet been approved, you can cancel this up to 1 day in advance.


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